Company Profile

Our company is founded in year 2000 to conduct design, production, assembling and engineering works in the field of steel construction productions and assembling works. It continues its activities in the factory with a closed surface area of 40.000 meter squares built on 200.000 meter square area in Kahramankazan District of Ankara since 2001.

MİM Mühendislik besides production in Steel Construction field with its young and dynamic staff also executes its services for installation of turn-key industrial facilities, designing and undertaking projects. 


In our facilities the following products are produced;


- Design, production and assembling works of steel constructions,

- Production and assembling of industrial facilities, hotels, hypermarkets,

- Dam cover and equipments,

- Design and production of dam slope surface concrete covering finisher,

- Steel productions of cement factories,

- Production of gas channels for energy plants,

- Fuel and water tanks,

- Production and assembling of tunnel forms with hydraulic drive for tunnel constructions,

- Welding and assembling works for pipelines,

- Tunnel timbering productions,

- Tunnel invert forms,

- Tunnel reduction forms,

- Pre-stressed prefabricated concrete forms,

- Portal crane productions,

- Trailer chassis,

- Container productions

- Panel mounted construction forms


And sold to home – foreign markets. 



Our vision


We emphasize our leadership in steel based on sustainability in quality to build a better future than today, directing the power of steel. We anticipate to make a difference along this path while performing the above. In every step we take to possess a younger and stronger organization, we have the pride of getting our feet on the ground.


Our Mission

We are Mim Muhendislik to behold the future through the strength of steel. For accomplishing the never-accomplished; we will keep on

* creating added value in employment through our experience and determination,
* playing a role in the development of our region and country,
* creating a safe and peaceful environment in every field we render services for,
* coming up with solutions aimed at the needs with the help of our qualified manpower,
* attaining the highest quality in our products in the future as is the case today,
* placing importance on the people and environment through our ethic values,
* generating a value for steel in view of the expectations of our customers,
* becoming genial, honest, respectful and fair being fueled by our diligence,
* rendering our international activities sustainable,
* remaining as the leader of steel with our indigenous values ....