It is the slope front side concrete coating system of rock fill dam.

It is possible to pour concrete up to 15 m canopy width with 80% slope and requested thickness by rising and lowering with thanks to its hydraulic pistons. 

Finisher; consists of finisher template, finisher carrier and pulling vehicle, concrete conveyor, concrete chutes, concrete mixer helix, blacksmith and service trolley, carrying vehicle parts. 

Finisher and pulling vehicle available in dam upper crest elevation provides laying of incoming concrete to dam surface by pulling with the aid of steel ropes with a speed of 1.5-2 m/hour. There is spreader tripper vehicle on conveyor with a size of 600 x 18000 having a concrete conveying speed of 103 m3 with plastic wheel with upwards and downwards direction piston chassis and there is concrete mixer helix with a capacity of 100m3 / hour. Concrete arriving with mixer trucks to crest upper elevation are moved to concrete conveyor on the finisher templet via concrete chutes. Concrete coming here, is spread in front of the finisher templet with thanks to tripery.

Iron furniture and materials on canopy before pouring concrete is performed via blacksmith and service trolleys available on sides of finisher. Canopy replacement and moving is performed with thanks to carrying vehicle. Trolley: Reducer driven 3000x18000 mm sizes capable of moving in both directions 1/250 2 pieces 1/150 2 pieces reducer, it is 850 mm diameter with rope drum 4 variable speeds electricity and diesel motor control and have 40 tons pulling and carrying capacity. Iron service, chute, rail and form service, stair carrier trolley. Trolley is capable of moving in forward and reverse and right and left directions and having capacity of cruising around the crest.