Within the direction of our vision as Mim Mühendislik / Engineering , we have been working according to the understanding of making investment towards future and without compromising quality service principle.

Mim Mühendislik has brought its production capacity for tunnel arch formwork and steel structure elements over 4.500 ton monthly through CNC counters. Refection of the decline provided in our costs provide to enhance the customer satisfaction besides company profitability. We are conscious of that we should be fast, continuous and consistent and we should present qualified product and services into the competitive market with low costs.

MİM Mühendislik which aims for the satisfaction of our employees and customers, researches with our infrastructure based on knowledge, sacrifice and education, develops, produces and gives opportunity to it employees is one of the leader producers of tunnel arc framework and steel structure elements in Turkey. Its accomplishments in its committed works in previous and present time wrote the name of MİM Mühendislik into the list of preferred companies.

MİM Mühendislik partner and managers believe that progress can be achieved by working selflessly and by making investments towards improving the capacity and quality. We have been implementing our quality policy without compromise. It is our main objective to make the training of all our employee continuous, arrange their program and to maintain its stability. Our employees which are our most significant equity have been working with the conscious of a continuous improvement complying with ISO 9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environment Management System and OHSAS 18001 Work Safety and Health conditions. It is our primary objective together with our employees to produce the proper product by providing the continuity of the quality and within the direction of customer satisfaction and request, and to and deliver it on time.

I present my appreciations to Mim Mühendislik family, the creator of all successes provided so far.

Best regards,

Ahmet Şuyun
Mechanical Engineer
Chairman of the Administrative Board